Hydra Facial to Rejuvinate and Refresh


Our hydradermabrasion treatment (hydra facial) is a facial treatment that is ideal for all skin types in delivering clearer, more hydrated, refreshed and younger-looking skin. Also great in targeting uneven skin tones oily/congested pores,dehydrated and dry skin, fine lines and wrinkles. 


✓ Exfoliates and cleans up acne prone skin

Proven results

Natural ingredients

Exfoliation solution

Sebum control solution

Collagen production solution

Cleans, refreshes and adds moisture and volume to the skin

Boost benefits for all other skin treatments

Gentle yet effective

No downtime or recovery time

Leaves skin looking younger


Our hydradermabrasion treatment area: Completed as a full facial. 

Duration and feel- The treatment takes 30 minutes to complete, with no discomfort or pain.

The results- You will experience the benefits immediately.

Products- We offer Aquapure hydradermabrasion.


All treatments are completed by a qualified practitioner.

Individual results may vary and treatment specifics will be advised during your appointment.