Collagen Boosters


For Healthy Skin

Our collagen boosters will have you looking younger naturally.

Traditional dermal fillers target lines, wrinkles and folds, and using our collagen booster will not only do that but also stimulate your own collagen to treat the underlying causes of facial ageing.


✓ Immediate visible results

✓ Immediate correction of folds and wrinkles

✓ Stimulation of your own collagen in your body

✓ Safe and effective treatment

✓ Long-lasting effects

✓ Reshapes and contours

✓ Cost-effective treatment

✓ Reverses the signs of ageing

✓ Provides a more natural and youthful look


Our collagen boosters treatment areas: Temples and brow area, malar augmentation, nose reshaping, cheek, nasolabial folds, jawline, chin definition and marionette lines.

Duration and feel- The treatment takes 30 minutes to complete, with no discomfort or pain.

The results- You will get natural, smooth and immediate results. 

Products- We offer Ellanse collagen boosters.


All treatments are completed by a qualified practitioner.

Individual results may vary and treatment specifics will be advised during your appointment.


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