Chemical Peel


Control And Accelerate Your Skins Natural Exfoliation 

Our chemical peel solution treatment, when applied to the skin, will accelerate the skin's natural exfoliation in a controlled way, so new skin can then grow in its place. It is highly effective in treating acne-prone skin, reducing pre-mature ageing, targeting pigment spots and melasma.


✓ Treats multiple skin conditions

✓ Amazing results

✓ Improves the look and feel of oily skin

✓ Improves the appearance of mild acne scars

✓ Reduces fine lines under the eyes

✓ Improves the appearance of wrinkles from sun-damaged skin

✓ Improves the appearance of premature ageing

✓ Reduces the visibility of age spots

✓ Diminishes the appearance of dark patches and melasma

✓ Can be applied all across the body.


Our chemical peel treatment areas: Face, neck, décolletage, hands and other required body parts.

Duration and feel: The treatment takes 5-19 minutes to complete. 

During the procedure, some people may experience a certain level of discomfort.

Ask us about our anaesthetic options if you have any concerns. 

The results: Your results will be visible in as quickly as 2 weeks. 

Products: We offer Dermaceutic Chemical Peel treatments. 


All treatments are completed by a qualified practitioner.

Individual results may vary and treatment specifics will be advised during your appointment with Dr. Grace.

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